Update: The South Central Farm Fruit Trees at the Huntington Botanical Gardens

On Thursday, September 11, Farmlab team members Sarah McCabe, Olivia Chumacero and Jaime Lopez Wolters visited the Huntington Botanical Gardens to check on the SCF trees.

Many of the fruit trees are laden with produce. Guavas, apples and bananas are all present and will ripen in the next few months. Lemons are ready for picking and extremely sour. The peach trees got so heavy with fruit many branches broke under the weight, showing that more is not always better. Several guava trees, having suffered damage in last year frost, have transformed into living sculptures with morning glory vines covering them completely. A new walking path has been laid out throughout the site and irrigation has been added to provide the trees with much needed water.

Please check back in with this blog in the coming months for more updates on the trees. For an archive of past blog posts about the trees, please visit this page.

Photo by Sarah McCabe

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