Farmlab Public Salon
F.L.A.G. Community Gardeners
Friday, September 5, 2008 @ Noon
Free Admission


About the Salon

Join the gardeners from F.L.A.G., the Farmlab Agbin Garden, for a discussion about the project.

Farmlab has created a temporary public garden at the Los Angeles State Historic Park as part of an ongoing effort to generate viable urban agricultural models independent of land ownership. This garden in "agbins" (short for agricultural bins) has been on site for a few months -- an opening celebration took place July 5, 2008. Volunteers create and tend to individual gardens. The garden is mobile and expandable, servicing those with no access to land.

Communal gardening is a social exercise with many possibilities. Through F.L.A.G. we are creating a social sculpture where everyone participating is part of the art piece. By this we mean that all the participants are active parts of an art "object" where the usual form is not an inert thing but a metabolic work; alive and changing.

F.L.A.G. is located on the former site of Not A Cornfield, a living sculpture by Lauren Bon which transformed a brown field into a green field during one agricultural cycle.

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