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(Los Angeles)
Posted January 15, 2009

If interested in position, then please email us (links are great but please no attachments) to: info [AT] farmlab [DOT] org
Please put "Web+Print" in the subject field. No phone calls, please.

The Metabolic Studio (Farmlab + Chora + AMI) is seeking a collaborator who's into: Information as art, technology as art, big conceptual ideas, and when the time comes, hitting deadlines. Things we like include: Cabinets of wonder, antiquarian books, scientific journals, hypertext, mind-mapping (flow charts as well as brain scans), the work of Gordon Matta-Clark, Manuel Castells, Edward Tufte, the Center for Land Use Interpretation, seed vaults, lightning, social sculpture, general experimentation, and people who know things that we don't.

Know someone who might be interested? Then please pass along our contact info to them, or ask them to contact us via info [AT] farmlab [DOT] org. (Please put "Web+Print" in the subject field.)

(Los Angeles)
Posted, but not filled, 2008. Available, 2009

If interested in position, then please send cover letter and resume (no attachments) to: info [AT] farmlab [DOT] org
No phone calls, please.


Responsible for assessing, selecting, organizing, preserving and providing both immediate and longer-term access to archival information key to Farmlab’s (The Studio’s) work. Uses a variety of automated and manual archival systems to accommodate a diversity of materials (digital, documents, images, maps, photos, films, audiotapes, physical objects, etc.)

Key Accountabilities:

Collaborates with all members of the Studio staff to evaluate and select items for permanent historical archives. Organizes, stores, preserves and provides server-based access to archived materials

Prepares images of appropriate resolution, along with accurate captions and credit information, for team members’ distribution to news media and in response to other extra-organizational requests

Prepares digital media for offline and online workflow and distribution in a variety of exported formats

Keeps abreast of technological advances in electronic information storage and archival standards, protocols and systems. Determines most suitable storage alternatives for diverse materials, including digital, documents, images, maps, photos, films, audiotapes, physical objects, etc

Maintains and upgrades archival systems on an ongoing basis. Ensures that proper documentation and procedures are developed to reflect changes

Catalogs and maintains complete and up-to-date documentation on archived materials. Ensures that descriptions and procedures are written in such a way that members of the staff, outside institutions and the public can effectively use relevant portions of the archives. Responds to inquiries and provides assistance to people seeking access

Provides documentation for rights to publish archived materials and ensures that captions, credits and attributions are accurate

Works closely with Annenberg Foundation Archivist to maintain consistent and congruous digital asset system policies and procedures

May conduct research on topics related to the Studio’s archived work. May assist in organizing exhibits and displays

Performs other related duties and special projects as assigned

Supervisory Responsibilities:


Primary Interactions:

Regular contact with members of the Studio and Annenberg Foundation (LA Office) staff

Regular contact with the Studio Manager

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Deep understanding of the vision/mission/values established by the Trustees of the Annenberg Foundation

Deep understanding of the Studio’s history/vision/projects and ability to recognize the potential historical and research value of materials to be archived

Knowledge of basic archival principals and procedures

Expertise with server + digital asset management software (Aperture, Lightroom, iPhoto, iTunes, etc), workflow, and equipment

Experience with meta-tagging of digital media

Strong research skills

Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail and accuracy

Excellent written and oral communication skills

Strong critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills

Tact and ability to work effectively with colleagues and outside stakeholders

Strong project management skills

Familiarity with the special requirements and circumstances of the non-profit sector

Ability to balance priorities in a multi-task environment

Ability to effectively use a variety of standard office software applications (e.g., Word, Excel)

Strong team orientation and ability to work interdependently

Persistence, initiative and follow-through when completing independent tasks

Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in history or archival/library/computer science plus 3 years of archive experience – or an equivalent blend of education and experience. Production studio experience (photographic + video) a plus.

Driver’s license

Working Conditions:

Works primarily in a studio environment but may also spend time on site visits or in public venues – use of computers requires hand/wrist motion and visual focus – requires extensive review of written and visual materials and archival documentation.

If interested in position, then please send cover letter and resume (no attachments) to: info [AT] farmlab [DOT] org
No phone calls, please.

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