Farmlab Friends In The News

Various news stories about the work being done by past Farmlab Public Salon speakers have appeared of late. A small sampling of these articles include:

  • "Boyle Heights Goes Upscale,"a Los Angeles Times column about changes to the historic eastside L.A. neighborhood, features quotes from Evangeline Ordaz-Molina, who will lead the 5/30/08 salon, titled, "Mariachi Plaza and Hotel: Where the Music Still Lives."

  • "Saddled With Legacy of Dioxin, Town Considers an Odd Ally: The Mushroom," A New York Times piece about the work of mycologist and 4/13/07 salon presenter Paul Stamets

  • "Cut the Grass, Plant an Edible," A San Francisco Chronicle about the projects of artist and 12/15/2006 salon presenter Fritz Haeg. Also mentioned in the Chronicle: 5/25/07 salon presenters Fallen Fruit, and, yes, Farmlab.

  • "Activist Turns L.A.'s Traffic Islands into National Parks." a large, full-color feature about 3/28/08 salon'er, Islands of LA, that ran on the front page of Sunday's Los Angeles Times calendar section.

  • Stuffed and Starved author Raj Patel, who spoke at Farmlab on 4/25/08, saw his book included in a "Critic-At-Large" essay about the current state and future of the global food supply in the New Yorker magazine. (No direct link available.)

  • Tree People founder Andy Lipkis, who spoke at Farmlab on 8/24/07, featured in the Washington Post tale," The Greening of America." And last but not least on this brief round-up,

  • "X Prize: $100 Million for Clean Fuels," from Business Week, one of a spate of stories about recent competition-based philanthropy work done by the 11/2/07 salon team.

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