PLANT Rochester Mentioned in City's Paper

From a piece in part about PLANT Rochester, written by Bleu Cease in the Rochester City News:

"PLANT, an acronym for Place, Land, Art & Agriculture, Neighbors and Technology, is an exhibition that attempts to bring this home. PLANT is a collaboration between Rochester Contemporary Art Center, George Eastman House, the Los Angeles-based Metabolic Studio, and numerous other local groups and organizations. PLANT challenges institutions to work together, and individuals to imagine and utilize the gallery as a social zone and resource center for sharing ideas and actions.

"The PLANT exhibition and its Sunday coffee hours simultaneously present and constitute an example of "participatory art practice," a loose category of cultural initiatives that brings people together to share in creative production and action. PLANT doesn't simply exhibit framed images, documenting an action. It IS an action. PLANT fosters discussions about the boundaries between art and the actions taken by a number of inspirational individuals and groups, those who are doing important work to improve our city. PLANT is as much about public health and urbanism as it is about aesthetics and white gallery walls."

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