State Park Brochure Features Anabolic, Metabolic, Not A Cornfield

The California State Parks Department has issued a new brochure for the Los Angeles State Historic Park. (Visit here to download.)

LASHP is located across the street from Metabolic Studio (Farmlab+Chora+AMI), and is the site where the
Not A Cornfield project occurred and where the Anabolic Monument resides.

The cover of the fold-out brochure features an aerial photo by Joshua White, taken for and courtesy the Metabolic Studio.

Inside the brochure, a map of the park and immediate area notes the
Anabolic Monument as well as the "Farmlab / Metabolic Studio" headquarters.

And brochure text under the heading "Sanctuary in the City" reads:

"California State Parks acquired the park land in 2001. Before the development of the Interim Public Use Park plan, L.A. artist Lauren Bon planted 32 acres of corn on the vacant parkland, creating what came to be known as the "Not A Cornfield" project. The remnants of the project, now called the Anabolic Monument, functions as a vibrant and dynamic public* space."

To download the LASHP brochure,
visit here and follow the instructions.

Screen grab is from .pdf found on the site

*=Correction: In the original post, the word "public" was misspelled. That was this blog's error; the State Parks staff had the spelling accurate. We regret the mistake.

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