Metabolic Studio Team Members, Salon Speakers, Among LA Weekly "People 2009"

The LA Weekly's annual "LA People" issue is out, and 2009 honorees include Metabolic Studio (Farmlab+Chora+AMI) member Paolo Davanzo, co-founder of the beloved Echo Park Film Center. Lisa Marr, likewise from EPFC and Metabolic Studio, is quoted in the piece.

The Annenberg Foundation is also mentioned in the story, for supporting EPFC and their purchase of a traveling veggie bus / microcinema.

Other "LA People" this year included Autumn Rooney, a former Farmlab colleague, for her work, with Lisa Gerstein, founding Echo Park Time Bank. A recent program the duo put on at Farmlab is noted in the write-up.

Edgar Arceneaux, Sean Percival, and Don Hrycyk also made this year's list. Each of those gentlemen have been, or is scheduled later this summer to be, a speaker in the Farmlab Public Salon Series. Gary Leonard, who shot news photos of Not A Cornfield, Farmlab, and the Anabolic Monument, is in the issue too. Bigs to the Bike Oven, too.

We're probably forgetting all sorts of other connections... Just one blog's quick read...

Also, here's last year's post that noted a handful of Farmlab friends and colleagues...

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