Lauren Bon & Metabolic Studio In Eagle Rock Show
Opening May 23, 2009

The Metabolic Studio (Farmlab + Chora + AMI) will be participating in the upcoming exhibition, "Broodwork: Creative Practice and Family Life," scheduled to open at the Center for the Arts, in Eagle Rock, a northeast Los Angeles neighborhood.

The Center's press release is cut-and-pasted below...

MAY 23-JUNE 21, 2009

LOS ANGELES – (April 24, 2009) Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock is pleased to present the exhibition BROODWORK: Creative Practice and Family Life, curated by Rebecca Niederlander and Iris Anna Regn. Opening on May 23rd with a reception from 3-6 pm. The idea for the exhibit came from the personal experiences of the two curators reconceiving their creative practices after becoming parents. Parenthood changes everyone; however, since artists (like Niederlander) and architects (like Regn) invent out of their own experience, the issues surrounding the complete life change of parenthood give rise to specific opportunities for rethinking and reconsidering.

Is creativity fostered by proximity with an innocent, uninformed person? Are creative questions previously thought sufficiently answered suddenly asked anew? The curators realized that their own experiences had a much broader significance and that a creative community was producing something they named BROODWORK.

BROODWORK cannot be classified along lines of gender, content or medium, but Niederlander and Regn discovered defining characteristics that often appear, even indirectly. Families and Work Institute in NYC reports that families today spend significantly more time with their children than even a decade ago. This aligns with shifts in methodology in the creative practice: work is made in small increments of time; projects are also conceived as an accumulation of parts; work is created collaboratively. There also exists an increased awareness of being the “responsible” generation, where ethical and environmental concerns can become a focus or ancillary to it, such as a simple shift towards safe materials. Another type of work takes on the topic of children or childhood, with the specific viewpoint of a creative person who is a parent.

The exhibit provides some of the questions and answers that have emerged from a distinguished group of artists, architects and designers who are the parents of children aged 1-10. There will also be a series of social events that deal with the themes of the show, including readings and documentary films. BROODWORK at the Center for the Arts will be the first in a series of analogous exhibitions in different cities, and Niederlander and Regn plan to show BROODWORK as a book by 2011.

Designers and Architects include: Hadley & Peter Arnold, Barbara Bestor, Julliette Bellocq, Kim Colin/Industrial Facility, David Fletcher, Iris Anna Regn & Tim Durfee, Linda Taalman & Alan Koch. Visual artists include: Lauren Bon and The Metabolic Studio, Jemima Brown, Rebecca Campbell, Jamison Carter, Seonna Hong, Soo Kim, Brandon Lattu, Rebecca Niederlander, Laura Owens & Edgar Bryan, Michael Pierzynski, Eli Pulsinelli & Allen Compton, Lucas Reiner, Denise Uyehara & Natalie Nguyen, Alexis Weidig, Patty Wickman, Patrick Wilson

The exhibition is sponsored in part by Green to Grow; Laura Gabbert, director/producer of the feature documentary No Impact Man; Cristi Lyon for Pomegranate Glass; Little Flower Candy Co. Café; Plan It Green Printing; Mia Sushi; Cafe De Leche, and The Loft Hair Lounge.

Refer to the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock or the Facebook page for exhibition information.

Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide innovative and multicultural arts programming to the communities of Northeast Los Angeles. The Center is located at 2225 Colorado Blvd. in Los Angeles, and is open Monday through Saturday. For more information on Center for the Arts, including our gallery hours, schedule, and arts classes for children and adults, visit: www.centerartseaglerock.or or call 323-226-1617.

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