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May 2-8, 2007

Farmab Public Salons

Friday, May 4, 2007 @ Noon
Brian Morgan | The American Carousel -- The Magical Ride
Join carousel expert Brian Morgan as he provides a whirlwind introduction to the art and allure of the carousel. Morgan will discuss how the American carousel is much more than .... full text

Friday, May 11, 2007 @ Noon
Taja Sevelle and Joyce Lapinsky | Urban Farming
Join Taja Sevelle, founder, and Joyce Lapinsky, Los Angeles program development consultant for Urban Farming, a science think tank with the mission “to eradicate hunger .... full text

News + Projects

'This is Really Not A Cornfield'
Says Newspaper Story About Farmlab
The Los Angeles Downtown News ran a front page feature story about Farmlab in the April 23, 2007 issue of the publication. The piece, by Lea Lion and featuring a photo by Gary "Take My Picture" Leonard .... full text

Farmlab Exhibition Center

February 23 through June 1, 2007
Farmlab Team | Garden of Brokenness
Farmlab's Garden of Brokenness celebrates Los Angeles as a broken paradise. The project is proposed for Confluence Park, a location that has been described as one of the ugliest ..... full text

Under Spring Gallery

April 20 through May 7, 2007
Edward Porter | Cascade
Cascade, by Edward Porter, is a working fountain - a colorful construction of iconic ceramic, metal, plaster, and plastic objects, including statues, money banks, and wash boards .... full text



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