Puppets After Hours
Saturday, September 15 @ 7:30pm
Part of the "Accidentally on Purpose" Series

About the Performance

FARMLAB is proud to play host to PUPPETS AFTER HOURS, a fully immersive evening of adult-themed cabaret theater, interactive performance art, and live music featuring the best and brightest in puppetry arts in the greater Los Angeles area.

This free-of-charge program is open to the public and is part of Farmlab's "Accidentally on Purpose" series that celebrates summer and spontaneity.

Watch our puppets sing, dance, perform sketch comedy, and engage in avant-garde art installations. Walk among giant fish in our puppet aquarium. Pick up a drum and jam with the percussion performance art group GLANK. Join in three-part harmony with our Praying Mantis doo-wop girl group. After the show, feel free to mix and mingle with the cast. Our plushy performers are all working class artists - don't be shy!


Created, Produced, and Directed by Frank Langley IV, Donna Kimball, and Jordan M. Albert, in association with the Chiodo Brothers Productions, PUPPETS AFTER HOURS boasts these talented performers:

Scott Land, The Governator, Duncan Trussell, Alien Folk Singers From Outer Space, Kristin Charney, Giant Singing Insects, Alison Mork, Ventriloquist Dummies Possessed by the Devil, Victor Yerrid, Dancing Uncooked Chicken Carcasses, Bill Bryan, Tim Blaney, Poseidon: God of the Sea, Eli Presser, Robyn Simms Johnson, and more.

With Special Guests:
*Paul Rudolph's GLANK - www.glanktheproduct.com
*DJ Agent H. of New World Revolution - www.myspace.com/nwr

About the Performers
The Puppet portion of "Accidentally on Purpose" is being spearheaded by Frank Langley, Donna Kimball and Jordan Albert. The three first collaborated on the wildly imaginative CLUBPUPPET a few years back and are currently putting their efforts into
PUPPETS AFTER HOURS, an adults-only puppet nightclub experience.

Frank Langley and Donna Kimball are co-founders of Ow My Arm Productions which is dedicated to the advancement of puppetry as an art form in film, television and theater.

Langley served as Puppet Coordinator of the feature film TEAM AMERICA:WORLD POLICE as well as a principal puppeteer. Other credits include Doc Ock's tentacles in SPIDER-MAN 2, the Foster Farms Chicken commercials, and most recently, the 2006/07 rock'n'roll World Tour with Beck.

Kimball also puppeteered on SPIDER-MAN 2 as well as TV's GREG THE BUNNY, but she can be seen most prominently as an actor in the films JARHEAD, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN and numerous commercials.

Albert is an actor and independent filmmaker presently balancing editing duties on G4TV's hit show CINAMATECH.

Farmlab Location
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