Metabolic Studio Public Salon:
Greg Horos & Melissa Rosen
Friday, April 9, 2010, Noon
Free Admission

The Aesthetics of Sustainable Retail

(Or: How to Fit a Full Service Organic Deli, a Wine and Beer Shop and a Natural Grocery in Under 500 Square Feet of Retail Space)

How do small retailers address the desires of the individual and the needs of the community through limited means? What resources can budding entrepreneurs use to take their sustainable vision into brick and mortar reality? How can a full service organic deli, a wine and beer shop and a natural grocery fit in less than 500 square feet of retail space?

Greg Horos and Melissa Rosen, the founders and co-owners of eco-convenience store Locali, will address these questions while exploring the crucial role of small business in the "greening" of Los Angeles.

Located in the Franklin Village section of Hollywood, Locali offers natural and organic alternatives to conventional convenience store fare in addition to a full service deli. Coming upon its first anniversary, Locali has experienced a multitude of triumphs and tribulations doing business in Los Angeles. With the goals of providing loving customer service, mouthwatering healthy food, and education about the power of the citizen’s purchase dollar, Locali buys organic and from its neighbors.

Greg Horos and Melissa Rosen, are a husband and wife team equally passionate about food, wellness and sustainability issues. Greg Horos' background includes careers in business development and marketing along with years in radio as a creative services director and on-air personality. Melissa Rosen is a writer, restaurateur and health counselor with a nutrition consulting practice, Libra Nutrition & Wellness. Together, they came up with the idea for a convenience store experience that fits 21st century concerns. They opened Locali with the desire to make healthy and planet friendly purchases easily accessible to their community. Their hope is to encourage other small businesses and entrepreneurs to put social responsibility and environmental stewardship above the bottom line.

Further Information: Locali

Image: Locali, courtesy Melissa Rosen



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