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Roy A. Brown
Friday, March 5, 2010 @ Noon
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Vet to Vet:
Gladly Teach, Gladly Learn

The mission of Vet to Vet is to serve all veterans, their concerns, and emotional, spiritual, educational, vocational, transitional, real and present needs. We are veterans from every branch of service. We are combat vets and peacetime vets. We come from different backgrounds of every kind. Many of us have experienced the heat of battle and the consequences that often follow. Adjustment for us has not always been easy. That is why we have come together in partnership and cooperation with VA medical centers to offer peer support and education to our fellow veterans.

Vet to Vet is a peer support program that utilizes recovering veterans in a peer capacity to help other veterans. The program is a recovery-based model that involves veterans as both consumers and providers of mental health services. Vet to Vet provides a way for recovering veterans to be able to talk to others who have been through the same or simular experiences. It strives to educate veterans through direct interaction. Vet to Vet also involves consumers and families in orienting the mental health system towards recovery and develops paid positions for veteran(s) within the facility/network to work with mental health leadership in developing peer to peer.

Starting in 2003 with Roy Brown (Director) and Stacey Maruska (VA Liaison), Vet to Vet Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System has grown to be one of the premier Vet to Vet programs in the U.S. It also serves as the national training site for coordinators from across the country.

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