Farmlab Public Salon
Sharon Sekhon
Date to be Determined, 2009 @ Noon

About the Salon

More information coming soon.

About the Salon Participant

Sharon Sekhon is the Founder & Director of the Studio for Southern California History.

The LA History Archive (Archive) ( is intended to be an online site to instantiate the Studio for Southern California History's mission of critically chronicling & disseminating the region's social history. The Archive is slated for public launch in the Fall of 2009. Using a 3 pronged approach with a forum, educator resources & online database, the Archive will provide ways to integrate local history into their lives including multimedia primary sources & lesson plans. The Archive will invite visitors to contribute to and help shape best practices for doing & teaching local history. One of the long-term goals for the Archive is to change state standards for learning local history, which currently ends at the fourth or fifth grade.

The Studio for Southern California History is a nonprofit resource that hosts exhibits, walking tours & conversations centered on Southern California's history in order to foster sense of place. The Studio is located in Chinatown at 525 Alpine Street, Suite 103, Los Angeles, 90012.

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