What the LA Weekly Recommends About George Herms & Farmlab

The current issue of the LA Weekly has the following to say about the Saturday night, 8/25/07 @ 10pm upcoming live performance of George Herms' "Free Jazz Workshop," which is part of the Herms & Farmlab collaborative installation, Opera Workshop:

"Not sure about the unpretentious vibe at this next one, but Farmlab and artist George Herms are assembling a strange salute to John Coltrane on Saturday night in Beverly Hills. Something about an elevating spiral staircase and a spherical buoy . . . and for the Trane part, an awesome band including crazed tenor Azar Lawrence alongside trombonist David Dahlsten, pianist Theo Saunders, mainman bassist Skipper Franklin and drummer Ramon Banda. Even if the stairs-and-sphere shtick doesn’t move you, the music is guaranteed to be intense. Might even scare some of them Beverly Hills folk, and that itself is something Trane would probably dig. Things kick off at 10 p.m. at Phantom Galleries, 269 N. Beverly Drive; for more information, call (213) 626-2854. And it’s free."
-- Brick Wahl, LA Weekly, 8/22/07

Click here for PHOTOS BY DAN SCOTT / AMERICAN IMAGE GALLERY of the August 18 free jazz workshop

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