The Salon of Found (and stolen) Dance
Submission Deadline: 9/5 @ 2pm PST

Choreographer Melinda Ring is curating The Salon of Found (and stolen) Dance to be held at Farmlab on Friday, September 14, 2007, at 7 pm. This will be an evening of live demonstrations, video footage, performance and conversation on the topics of appropriation, stealing, transforming, and inspiration.

Please consider participating in this event by showing video footage of “Found Dance,” and/or a live demonstration of, or choreography inspired by, “Found Dance.”

For this event, we’ll use the following definitions:

Dance = people, animals or objects that appear to move in an organized manner.

Found Dance = An episode of movement not choreographed by you, that someone else consciously or unconsciously created, or that just happens to exist in the urban or natural environment, and that you find curious, intriguing, amusing, or inspiring.

Salon = a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring hostess or host, partly to amuse one another and partly to refine their taste and increase their knowledge through conversation and performance.

To participate:

- To show video, submit your footage in any of the following formats: DVD, Mini DV Tape, Quicktime, or Mpeg.

- To show something live, submit documentation of the dance on DVD or VHS.

Please cue and clearly indicate the section to be viewed. Include your contact information, and briefly describe your personal interest in your selection, and its relevance to the event. Indicate if you are able to attend the salon and introduce your example. If your work is inspired by “found dance” please include the original source material if it’s available.

Send to Melinda Ring 171 West 79th Street #163, New York NY 10024. All submissions must arrive by Wednesday, September 5th at 2PM PST. Include postage and a self-addressed envelope if you would like your materials returned.

Please call or write Melinda Ring, 917-846-7665, [email protected], for further information, or with questions, ideas, thoughts, and suggestions.


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