Mayan and Azteca Mask Making Workshop.
Friday, October 20 and October 27 @ 10am-noon

Join artist Christi Burgos, of Mayan Inspirations, in creating a mask to honoring ancestors.

Make a jaguar, skull, or any type of mask that you wish and learn some history behind mask making as well as about La Ofrenda.

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At 7:46 AM , Blogger TESMON said...

Hi From mexico and im feel verry proud when i saw this workshop. Im an artist who cordintae a public artshow in the streets of my city (guanajuato).
And this exhibition is every year on november 2 because is about the day of the dead and like the life all the art in this show is ephimeral because we put the art on the street, in the alleys, in the plazas and we have a lot of activities around the day of the dead.
If there are someone interested in hace more information about this i could write you an email with more details and i need to tell that all this show is free and theres is no feeds to be part of it i will leve here my email if you need more information and i will open a blog where i will upload some images from the last year it was the XII edition.

[email protected]

At 8:08 AM , Blogger TESMON said...

If you want to see some pictures please visit this blog:

At 9:39 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

is this a friday or saturday event? what day is the 27th?

At 10:36 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

yes, this event on friday or saturday? the 27th is on saturday so is this supposed to be on saturday 10/27 or friday 10/26?


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