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360-Degree QuickTime Virtual Tours

Visit this web page to see and navigate through 360-degree QuickTime Virtual Tours of recent and current Farmlab exhibitions, projects, and facilities.

The initial virtual tours are of:

  • "AMAZE" by Farmlab Team -- four tours from August, 2007

  • Ag Bins on Skid Row project-- Delivery day, June 16, 2007

  • "Cascade," by Edward Porter, an Under Spring exhibition -- April, 2007

  • More coming soon

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    Farmlab images by James Goodnight

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    At 12:41 PM , Blogger SERG said...

    theres nothing to view in the tour

    At 1:06 PM , Blogger not a cornfield / under spring / farmlab said...


    Thank you for pointing this out. We're working on correcting. Best, The Farmlab Team


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