'Another City is Possible'
New Neon at Farmlab & Under Spring

Just arrived:

Friday, August 24, 2007, mid-morning...

The latest neon sign to grace the multi-warehouse bay compound that is Farmlab & Under Spring...

The sign, in deepwater ocean blue, reads, "Another city is Possible."

Call it a philosophy. Call it a motto. And in a book you'll be hearing more about soon, call it a chapter title, to a conversation between Manuel Castells (USC) and Lauren Bon (Farmlab and Not A Cornfield).

More, better neon pix soon**...

And don't sleep on Farmlab & Under Spring's previous neon, seen below:

**like the new shot at the top of this page

Farmlab photos by James Goodnight (top and bottom) and Kate Balug (middle)

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