Farmlab Ag Bins on Skid Row Project Makes Front Page
'Skid Row Grows Green,' writes L.A. Newspaper

Today's edition of the weekly Downtown News paper features a dispatch about Farmlab's "Ag Bins on Skid Row" project as its cross-columns, above-the-fold front-page top story.

The article, titled, "Skid Row Grows Green," and written by staffer Evan George with photography by Gary Leonard, is subheaded: "Art Project to Remove Urban Blight Touches More Than Street Corners."

Here's an excerpt from the piece:

"The garden not only gives Burris a reason to wake up before sunrise and get to work, he said, but has inspired a mindset of problem-solving rarely required by the day-to-day activities in transitional housing.

"It's a sentiment echoed by Jack Cooley, 42, a member of the new gardening club at the Rainbow Apartments at 643 S. San Pedro St. When bean plants started struggling, the group had to read up on worms and other insects. As tomato plants withered in the heat, the gardeners used umbrellas to shade them from the mid-day sun.

""This has been a really great diversion," Cooley said. "It diverts from what seems to be the primary discussion around here - staying off drugs and getting your act together.""

Click here to read the August 27, 2007 complete story.

Click here for the Farmlab projects homepage, featuring links to "Ag Bins on Skid Row" information, photos, and updates

Screen shot taken from online version of story, available at

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