Mushroom Project Update

The Farmlab Team continues to negotiate for permissions required to begin a local public pilot project involving mycoremediation techniques. In the meanwhile, muchroom growing continues at the Farmlab warehouse.

From Farmab Team member and mycology project manager Jaime Lopez Wolters:

"Farmlab's last round of mushroom growing began June 18, 2007. We inoculated about 50 bags of corn straw with fresh oyster mushroom spawn, spen[t] mushroom bags and inoculated burlap sacks. Not all the bags have been fully colonized, with many succumbing to green mold, but the bunker spawn in burlap sacks is doing well. We are still learning the way of the fungi. We have set up a space that will function as a mushroom laboratory, complete with a laminar flow hood donated to us by the San Fransisco Exploratorium."



At 3:50 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

hello...also growing mushrooms and designing designy terrariums for our shrooms at UCLA school of architecture....wondering if you have any local (LA) resources to suggest.....



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