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"The Cornfield: New Ideas for a Sustainable Urban Park"

The Cornfield: New Ideas for a Sustainable Urban Park represents Farmlab’s most recent investigation into creative sustainable urban land use.

Since completing the Not A Cornfield project, the Farmlab team has given considerable thought to the rich and varied potential of sustainable urban parks. One such model that we find especially insightful is described in "New Ideas," which was written by Michael Woo and published by Farmlab.

The report provides a conceptual plan for a 31.5-acre park and working farm that combines a demonstration garden, a resource center, educational programs, a café, a conference center, and a gift shop, all with a mandate that the plan achieve both ecological and economic viability.

Farmlab believes considerable creativity and vision can be brought to bear on the use of public space.

Project funding courtesy of the Annenberg Foundation



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