Farmlab Public Salon
Judith Lewis + Friends
Friday, November 16 @ Noon

"Avant-Garde Environmentalism: From Bioneers to Burning Man to Bunnies that Glow Green."

About the Salon

Among the art at Burning Man 2007 was a machine that turned carbon into algae food and algae into fuel, a creature that turned garbage into hydrogen and a 90-foot effigy of an oil derrick surrounded by metal supplicants. And on the movie screens this summer was a Leonardo DiCaprio documentary featuring pollution-fighting mycologists, radical zero-waste architects and advocates of sustainable consumption. Does all of this herald a new communion among art, popular culture and fringe technology for the sake of the planet? And how can we continue to harness progressive art to halt the squandering of our resources and the toxifying of our planet?

About the Salon Participants

Judith Lewis is a staff writer for the LA Weekly. She blogs at Another Green World.

Simone White, singer-songwriter. Her new record "Jam the Man" is currently being featured on "Sounds Eclectic" and other radio shows around the country, *and* she's got on a song on it about sustainable farming.

Laurie Kaufman,organizer, activist and writer. Kaufman is a former Bioneers staffer and has worked in the environmental and social justice fields for more than 10 years in areas including urban forestry, organic farming, community self-reliance, youth-at-risk and children of incarcerated parents. Laurie has written for the Journal of the Society of Municipal Arborists, the Daily Breeze, Southern Sierran, Santa Monica Mirror and Resurgence magazine. She recently produce a short video about the Griffith Park fires and worked on the award-winning video "Hawaii in Transition: Vision for A Sustainable Future" (Sheila Laffey, Director).

Jason Keehn, aka Cinnamon Twist, of The Learning Party, is also on the bill.

And, David Newsom, who organized an event on Bill McKibben's "StepItUp '07" day last spring, will be on hand as well.

Photo:Guardian of Eden, by Nightshade
(Courtesy the photographer)



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