La Ofrenda
November 2 @ Sunrise - November 10 @ Sunset
Free Admission
Community Participation Encouraged

La Ofrenda 2007 Schedule

  • Sunrise Ceremony: Friday, November 2 @ 6:14am (Sharp!)
    Location: Cornhenge, the metabolic sculpture inside the Los Angeles State Historic Park
  • --MORE INFO.

  • La Ofrenda Opening: Saturday, November 3 @ 7:30pm-midnight
    Location: Under Spring / Farmlab

  • La Ofrenda Viewing: Sunday, November 4-Saturday, November 10
    Location: Under Spring / Farmlab

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  • About La Ofrenda

    From La Ofrenda cooridinator Olivia Chumaceo:

    "In every culture that exists in the world, people acknowledge and memorialize their dead. While some cultures are very private and don’t even speak the deceased’s name ever again, in the Indigenous culture of Mesoamerica it was and is observed in a manner that celebrates life.

    "For the second year now Farmlab will honor the ancestors by transforming the Under Spring area into a celebration of life, with hundreds of marigolds, candles, music, art, the beauty reflected in our cultural diversity. We designate this time as the day of La Ofrenda, which translates to The Offering. In collaboration with the, 50/500 Indigenous Elders, the Chinese youth dance ensemble, the Andean song and dance troupe from Bolivia, the Tongva people with their Ancestor Pole ceremony, the Japanese sacred flute music and many other groups from the surrounding, Farmlab invites you to partake of this heartfelt and magical Ofrenda day."

    :You are welcome to set up your own offering here at UnderSpring. Farmlab will gift you with marigolds, candles and a space for your offering. Please contact us with plenty of lead time. Or, come to the event at sunrise Friday, November 2 to participate with the Tonvga people as they honor with their Ancestoral Pole ceremony at the Yangna village site commonly known as the California State Historic Park. Otherwise join us for a full evening of La Ofrenda, on Saturday, November 3 from 7:30 p.m. to midnight in the Under Spring area."

    Photos from the 2006 La Ofrenda. Farmlab Photos by Sarah McCabe.



    At 8:13 PM , Blogger yogamama said...

    What a wonderful way to remember loved ones who are gone but not forgotten. We went last year and
    enjoyed the unique expression of art meeting heart. Traveling thru
    a maze of marigolds wewereable to
    experience the collages, shrines,
    and pictures of people who have made imprints that have lasted
    way beyond the boundries of their bodies. Come share the sentimental
    journies as loved ones share a
    moment to honor and remember stories of ancestors and friends
    and celebrate how they continue to touch our lives.


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