Farmlab Public Salon
Riccarlo Porter
Friday, June 5, 2009 @ Noon
Free Admission

How-To For Economic Dilemnas

About the Salon

Focus: Insightful solutions and ideas for troubling economic times get a step-by-step once-over by Riccarlo Porter, ACS (Toastmaster). He give green initiatives for new development and alternative speak for collective development.

The Main conclusion: To give participants new hope in dealing with a troubled system.

Q&A to follow.

About the Salon Participant

Riccarlo Porter
developed a perspective on Public Relations through theater, media experience and social activism. Recently, working on four plays; two of which, he is the director. At Aware 1 Magazine, he wrote contracts, advised on production, placed magazines, and set up locations for photo shoots. He also writes scripts and articles for newspapers and magazines. He has developed a knack for networking from working as a Co-host on Go Gospel Radio and ad consultant for Fix My PC Please, I Will Recycling Service, and other companies.

Image courtesy Riccarlo Porter

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