Goats Coming Back Wednesday;
An Anabolic Monument Update

Goats are coming back to the Anabolic Monument -- on Wednesday, May 13, 2009.

Recently** this blog asked Farmlab team member Olivia Chumacero for an update about all things Anabolic Monument. Here was her reply:

"Goats! Wonderful spotted goats, returning to the Anabolic Monument . Plus, please check out the chicken mobile, it will be traveling throughout the park.

"Why? Because these animals produce a valuable garden necessity: Manure. They do this everyday and we will use this to fertilize the land in an organic manner. Which means that when you walk, run, stroll, bike, or sit on the ground, in the Anabolic Monument, you will not be bombarded with any harmful chemicals.

"Please do give us a call at our office building 323.226.1158 x 5108 if you are interested in volunteering."

Olivia Chumacero and friends, March 2009, inside the Anabolic Monument. Photo by Abel Salas

**=Note: This post has been updated twice the past two weeks as goat dates have changed.

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