Farmlab Public Salon
Jim Heimann
Friday, May 15, 2009 @ Noon
Free Admission

Tijuana - A Secret History, 1915-1960

About the Salon

Mexico’s most notorious border town has a complex tale tied to Hollywood, mobsters, moguls, sportsmen, and millions of tourists who have flocked to this moral free zone a mere 90 miles south of Los Angeles to play, pay, and pray. Jim Heimann will guide you through the surprising city where Rita Hayworth was discovered, Seabiscuit trod, and the Caesar salad was born.

About the Salon Presenter

Jim Heimann is the executive editor of Taschen America and came to that position after 30 years of freelancing in the design and illustration world. He has written copious numbers of books many focusing on regional architecture. Being a second generation Angeleno, his favorite subject is Los Angeles. He also is an instructor at Art Center College of Design. Last year, Heimann presented at Farmlab, the Salon, Main Street Erased.

Images courtesy Jim Heimann