Local Newspaper Hales Goats, If Not Studio

The current edition of the Los Angeles Downtown News features a photo of the goats brought to the Anabolic Monument by the Metabolic Studio.

The Anabolic Monument is an ongoing artwork by Lauren Bon; it is tended by the multidisciplinary team at the Metabolic Studio in association with California State Parks.

The New's shot was taken by the legendary L.A. shooter, Gary "Take My Picture" Leonard.

The photo is accompanied by a brief text blurb. In that blurb, the Metabolic Studio's longtime friend and colleague from across the street, Sean Woods, of State Parks, is cited.

(No mention is made in the blurb of the Metabolic Studio (Farmlab + Chora + AMI).)

But for more information on the ongoing project, along with current updates, please feel free to visit here and here.

And while visiting the goats in-person -- they will remain inside the Anabolic Monument at least through Wednesday, March 11 -- take in the surrounding wildflowers, now in bloom and likewise a planned legacy of the Not A Cornfield (2005-2006) artwork.

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