Wildflowers In Bloom**

Pictured above: Another couple of shots of the wildflowers in bloom** on the northern side of the Los Angeles State Historic Park. The flowers are part of the ongoing legacy of the Not A Cornfield project. They were planted and, as needed, are tended to by Lauren Bon's Metabolic Studio team.

Have a shot you'd like to share with this blog's readers? Send it our way to info at farmlab dot org.

**updated information and an apology -- please see the comments section.

iPhone photos copyright and courtesy Julie Pittman 2009

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At 12:45 PM , Blogger dubbyd said...

Not a Wildflower Field.

Lupine might be a California wildflower but much of that other stuff out there is as "wild" as those goats and many, including the photographed daisy are invasive weeds.

The best ecological/earth art is informed by science not just aesthetics.


At 3:00 PM , Blogger vtrees said...

The plant (wildflower) list we compiled to create the seed mix used to hydroseed the field, now more than two years ago, definitely didn't include invasives. It is a reality of our world that weeds travel, and of course over time, they have ended up here, despite our best intentions.

At 9:49 AM , Blogger not a cornfield / under spring / farmlab said...

Dubbyd, Thank you for your comment. This blog offers an apology to you and all readers, and to his colleagues involved with NAC and Farmlab for not checking with the teams' agriculturalists first prior to snapping and typing.

From the old Not A Cornfield blog, here's an excerpt about the hydroseed mix:

"A hydroseeded field of native and drought tolerant plants appropriate to the Southern California climate, spread over the 18 acres of the site that are not part of the State Park I.P.U. The seed mix includes White Yarrow, California Poppy, Golden Yarrow, Bush Sunflower, Biglow’s Coreopsis and more."

That excerpt is from this URL:

Thank you again, and mea culpa for the post... -The Farmlab blog

At 2:42 PM , Blogger not a cornfield / under spring / farmlab said...


Below is the URL for a list of flora and fauna observed in the Los Angeles State Historic Park by a naturalist, May, 2008:

Flora & Fauna of the Los Angeles State Historic Park, as observed by a naturalist (5/08)

At 11:42 PM , Blogger Bryan said...

I remember the first year's blooms, it was beautiful out there.

But those african daisies (2nd pic) aren't "wildflowers" -- should correct title of post.

At 4:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes beauty is in the camera lens AND in the eyes of the beholder ... really nice shots ... how can any plant be classified as "wild" when Mother Nature is the gardener caring for them ??? Weeds have been in the Cornfield site, and upon the breadth of this planet, since time immemorial ... the calla lily now revered as beautiful, and "morbid", used to be a "weed". Now comes the "milkweed", "chickweed", accompanied by the"buttonbush" and "goldenrod", all trying to morph into acceptable posies, probably because they are tired of being called "weeds". Ahhh!, the wonders of semantics, not including botanical names as they give us genus and much information, and whether the plant behaves like a "weed" ...

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