La Ofrenda 2008
November 2-7, 2008
@ Los Angeles State Historic Park

For the fourth year in a row Farmlab invites you to celebrate life by honoring our ancestors with La Ofrenda.

Walk among the field of zempoalxochitl (marigolds), enjoy the beauty of nature and the L.A. Skyline, where you will be greeted by a magical place. Inside Anabolic Monument, Lauren Bon's artwork at the northern end of the State Historic Park, you will come upon a community offering: La Ofrenda. Place a picture or a name of the being that you are remembering and offer your song, words, or flowers to that ancestor.

La Ofrenda will be open to the public from Nov. 2 - 7 at the Los Angeles State Historic Park inside the Anabolic Monument during regular park hours, which are from dawn to dusk. Farmlab welcomes you.

-- Olivia Chumacero, La Ofrenda coordinator

Photo Illustration: Not A Cornfield Ofrenda 2006.

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At 11:32 AM , Blogger Eloy Torrez said...

Gracias, Olivia and all those who worked in the marigold field and preparations for La Ofrenda Event. This is one of the best places in Los Angeles to remember the ancestors and friends who have passed on to another reality.


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