Ag Bins on Skid Row Participant Profiled in L.A. Daily News

Roland Burris, a leading participant in Farmlab's Ag Bins on Skid Row project, was the subject of a profile in the Sunday, September 23, 2007 edition of the Los Angeles Daily News.

Burris -- a.k.a. "Elvis" -- resides at Lamp Lodge, one of the agencies that partnered with Farmlab for the Ag Bin project. Burris is becoming a media darling -- his gardening work has also recently been cited, and him quoted, in the Los Angeles Downtown News.

Burris' nickname, naturally, comes from his spot-on vocal impersonations of a certain Mr. Presley.

As reporter Tony Castro put it in the Daily News:

"The gardening has also spread Burris' reputation as an Elvis impersonator beyond Skid Row, with tales of how he has crooned 'Don't Be Cruel' and other classics of `The King' to struggling plants.

"'I talk to them, and sometimes I sing Elvis songs to them,' he said. 'Does it work? You don't see them wilting even in the heat, do you?'"

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At 1:29 AM , Blogger steve said...

sweet! is that the dude that rocked the mike at the music performance?


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