Farmlab Public Salon
Reading from Not A Cornfield: History / Site / Document
Friday, November 30, 2007 @ Noon

Lauren Bon, Michael Dear, Michael Ned Holte, Ruben Mendoza, Janet Owen Driggs

About the Salon

Join the editor and a quartet of the writers whose essays appear in the book, Not A Cornfield: History / Site / Document. The book tells the story and the history of an art project that grew a cornfield in Downtown Los Angeles from June 15, 2005 through March 31, 2006.

Both an object (the cornfield) and a meaningful social and ecological space (not a cornfield), this work of cultural activism transformed 32-acres of barren post-industrial land into fertile earth. In addition to detailing the project's logistics and events in sounds and images, Not A Cornfield: History / Site / Document also relates the often controversial histories that intersect at the project site and articulates the many contemporary questions that it raise. Questions concerning, for example, such pressing issues as the nature of urban public space and public art, the 'ownership' of history, the politics of land uses and collective and individual responsibilities in relation to the various 'ecologies' that make up the context of daily life are addressed in essays by Not A Cornfield artist Lauren Bon and other prominent writers and commentators.

About the Presenters

Michael Dear is a professor and chair at the USC Department of Geography; Michael Ned Holte is an arts and culture writer; Ruben Mendoza a writer, activist, and educator. Janet Owen Driggs is a writer, educator, and Farmlab and Not A Cornfield team member.

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