This Week @ Farmlab
November 14-November 20, 2007

Farmlab Public Salons

Friday, November 16, 2007 @ Noon
Judith Lewis + Friends | From Bioneers to Burning Man to Bunnies that Glow Green
Join Judith Lewis, Simone White, Laurie Kaufman, Jason Keehn, and David Newsom as they ask the questions: "Are we heralding a new communion among art, popular culture, and fringe technology?" and, "How can we continue to harness progressive art to halt the squandering of our resources?" ..... full text coming soon

Friday, November 30, 2007 @ Noon
A Reading From the Book: Not A Cornfield: History / Site / Document
Join anthology authors Lauren Bon, Michael Dear, Michael Ned Holte, Ruben Mendoza, and Janet Owen Driggs for a reading from Not A Cornfield: History / Site / Document. This book tells the story and history of an art project that -- among much more -- grew a cornfield in Downtown Los Angeles ..... full text coming soon

News + Projects

Farmlab to Participate in Liberty / Ancestor Pole Project
Beachfront Sand Scultpture to be Errected in Long Beach
On November 17, from Sunrise to Sunset, join the Farmlab Team in building a Toroovetaam -- a living sand sculpture -- right on the beach. Bring your buckets, your shovels, and the whole family. .... full text coming soon

Farmlab Making Friends on MySpace
View Photos and Videos, Leave Coments, or Just Keep in Touch With the Team
Socialy Yours: Our MySpace page keeps users up-to-date on all the happenings of Farmlab + Under Spring.
View our myspace page here and become our friend .....

Farmlab Exhibition Center

November 9 – December 28, 2007
Crystal Ship: A Family of Artists Looking For Arcadia
"One midnight we were woken by the sound of thunder. A distant storm was coming in across the sea and the lightning stood out in prolonged relief against the moonless sky. Suddenly a ship, lit up like a crystal" ..... full text coming soon

Photo: Guardian of Eden, by Nightshade
(Courtesy the photographer)

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