Newspaper Story About Farmlab Says,
'This is Really Not A Cornfield'

The Los Angeles Downtown News ran a front page feature story about Farmlab in the April 23, 2007 issue of the newspaper.

The piece, by staff writer Lea Lion and featuring a page one photo by Gary "Take My Picture" Leonard, quotes Farmlab project artist Lauren Bon and general manager Al Nodal.

The story begins with a description of last year's Not A Cornfield project, before moving on to discuss Farmlab and Under Spring.

As Lion writes:

The question many still asked was, what's next? The answer, it turned out, is Farmlab.

"Farmlab started as an answer to a problem," Bon said during a recent phone conversation. "The problem was how do we protect and perpetuate living things in an often hostile urban environment?"

The complete story will be available for free-of-charge web viewing here until May 6, 2007.

After that, please visit the paper's online archives.



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