Farmlab Public Salon
Joel Tauber
Friday, April 6 @ Noon


Sick-Amour follows Tauber’s Flying Project, a story culminating in the artist's flight 150 feet above the desert, suspended from helium balloons and playing the bagpipes; and his Underwater Project, where Tauber translates his movement underwater during 40 scuba dives into music.

About Sick Amour

Description: In his new work, Sick-Amour, Joel Tauber adopts a lonely and forlorn sycamore tree stuck in the middle of a giant parking lot in front of the Rose Bowl. The tree – like most parking lot trees – suffered many indignities. The tree was starved for water and oxygen by the asphalt that surrounded it, it was attacked by swarms of pathogens and pollutants, it was aggressively pruned, and it was hit by cars. Out of love for the tree and as a symbolic gesture pointing to our need to care for the things stuck in our urban jungles, the artist has been caring for this tree directly - watering it, building tree guards to protect it from cars, planting seeds to help it create offspring, constructing giant earrings for the tree, persuading the City and the Rose Bowl to remove the asphalt beneath its canopy, and getting the approvals to begin constructing a permanent monument to the tree.

To see a 5-minute video preview and to read more about the project, visit

About Joel Tauber

Joel Tauber received his MFA degree from Art Center College of Design. His work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects; at the Adamski Gallery, Aachen, Germany; at the Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery, University of Southern California, Los Angeles; and at Gallery Saintonge, Missoula, Montana. Tauber has been included in the "California Biennial", Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach; “The Gravity in Art”, De Appel Centre For Contemporary Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands; “Happy Believers, the 7th Werkleitz Biennial, Volkspark, Halle, Germany; “Still, Things Fall from the Sky”, UCR/ California Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA; “Light and Spaced Out: 11 Artists From Los Angeles", Herve Loevenbruck Gallery, Paris, France; “Eco-Lux: Art in Light of Ecology 1953-2006”, Lightbox Gallery, Los Angeles; “Stuff From L.A. and Other Places”, Christine Koenig Gallery, Vienna, Austria; and “To Believe Much More Than That”, Wight Gallery, UCLA, Los Angeles.

Farmlab Location

Farmlab / Under Spring, 1745 N. Spring Street #4, LA, CA 90012
Across the street from the site of the Not A Cornfield project, in a warehouse colocated at Baker Street and N. Spring Street

Salons are always free-of-charge, all ages welcome.
Refreshments will be served.



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