of Farmlab and Under Spring

Smaller Photos, from top to bottom:

  • Believe it or not, these are mushrooms, growing in the Farmlab workshop.

  • Plantings, contained in a prototype Farmlab ag -- as in, agricultural -- bin.

  • George Herms, Farmlab-Artist-in-Residence, presents a gallery talk and Farmlab Public Salon. Later, in a very busy hour, Herms put down the guitar manque, read poems, recited from an opera, sounded a horn, donned a crown crafted from egg cartons, and talked about the ongoing Garden of Brokenness exhibition.

  • A detail of Edward Porter's Under Spring Gallery installation, "Cascade." The image was taken on the (appropriately, for a working fountain) rainy evening of April 20, 2007, during the exhibition's opening reception.

  • A detail of the "blackboard" text painted in mid-April by Farmlab project artist Lauren Bon. The text, which changes occasionally, is typically part philosophical, part informational, and part a call to action.

  • What's Farmlab without plants? Here, team photographer James Goodnight captures a close-up of a recent agricultural experiment.

  • Paul Stamets, famed mushroom expert, spent parts of two recent days at Farmlab and Under Spring. On Friday, April 13, Stamets presented a Farmlab Public Salon to an estimated crowd of 300 people. The next day, the mycologist returned to lead a more intimate, hands-on workshop about how to use mushrooms for soil remediation purposes.

  • The Los Angeles-based musical duo, Telematique, performs at Under Spring. For two years, the pair's ethereal anti-tunes have made them a favorite of Not A Cornfield, Under Spring, and Farmlab program visitors and team members alike.

    Larger Photos, from top to bottom:

  • Bill Patzert, famous climatologist from NASA JPL, delivers a Farmlab Public Salon on March 23, 2007.

  • Separated marigold seeds sit on a table in the Under Spring gallery, part of Gerardo Vaquero Rosas's exhibition, "Earth and Seed.'

  • A close-up of the fish-and-fountain hood of the Junker Car that's part of the ongoing (through June 1) Garden of Brokenness exhibition.

  • Sitting on concrete Under Spring, the remaining hay bales culled from last year's Not A Cornfield project.

  • Farmlab photographs by James Goodnight and Sarah McCabe. Copyright 2007 Farmlab, LLC.



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