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Farmlab is a six month research initiative to investigate the feasibility of specific projects addressing issues of urban land use and farming, social justice, environmental responsibility, and alternative value systems based on a balanced use of global resources.

1) Job Description: Research Assistant

Positions needed: 1
Hours per week: 20
Length of project: 3-6 mos, possibly longer if desired.

Wage per hour: $15

Research topics will vary from methane energy generation to alternative currency systems, immigration policy to water resource allocation. Research work will originate from the Farmlab "think tank" facility in a downtown Los Angeles warehouse near the new State Historic Park at the Cornfields. Many tasks can be accomplished from home via the internet. Occasionally, tasks require work in the field or at research libraries. Specific tasks usually include researching topics and summarizing any relevant findings for the group or generating self-written documents to be used for presentations. Attendance at our weekly Wednesday 10:30 AM-approx. 3:30PM meetings is ideal. You will gain knowledge on important current public policy, public art and agricultural issues and proponents.

Schedule: Flexible, but availability to attend meetings Wednesdays and some Friday lectures (noon) is highly desirable. Tuesdays and Thursdays as research days from home is preferred.

Location: The project location is in the downtown L.A. area, but we expect that some percentage of time will be spent off-site when conducting research. There is space for you to work on a computer here if that’s a personal preference and of course face time here is always appreciated.

Research Assistant Job Duties
• Provides reference assistance to project team upon request
• Initiates research of topics of potential interest to project team
• Creates succinct reports on topics of interest that include:
- compilation of most relevant resources on a given topic
- bibliography of resources
- executive summary of topic and findings

- Experience in using a variety of electronic databases
- Ability to synthesize complex topics to create succinct summaries
- Ability to multi-task and juggle shifting priorities
- Ability to contribute collaboratively in a dynamic environment

Highly Desirable:
- Training in library research techniques
- Experience or background in Journalism and/or journalistic research/fact-checking/writing
- Professional or academic experience in researching project topic areas
- Experience working in a library or resource center
- Professional experience in nonprofit sector
- Interest in issues of environmental and social responsibility, public art

Contact Monica Henderson, Resource Center Manager, via e-mail at [email protected], or via phone (323) 226-1158
Please put "Research Assistant Description" in the subject line of e-mails.



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