Metabolic Studio Public Salon
Luis Ituarte
Friday, July 30, 2010 @ Noon
Free Admission

The Transformation of Tijuana Through the Arts
How artists and independent art centers are making a difference
The role of Southern California
Consequences in the rest of Mexico

A founding member of Canada’s Artists at City Hall and the street art coalition Alley Art, artist, designer and curator Luis Ituarte has been Director of Cultural Activities for The Olvera Street Merchants Association; art teacher at Plaza de la Raza, and The Junior Arts Center in Hollywood; Programs Coordinator and curator at the Lankershim Art Center and Director of Art in the Park with the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department (LACAD).

In addition to being a founding member of the Graffiti Arts Coalition and Urbanos L.A., he is a member of Tijuana Cultural Think Tank El Foro Cultural Ciudadano (FOCUC) and a member of San Diego-based arts organization Public Address. Now retired from LACAD, he consults with organizations on both sides of the border, Luis serves as President of COFAC Mexico and Co-founder/Director of Tijuana’s La Casa del Tunel Art Center.



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