Metabolic Studio Public Salon
Joanne Poyourow
Friday, January 15, 2010, Noon
Free Admission

A Resilient Los Angeles: What Could It Be Like?

The Transition movement is a worldwide network of grassroots communities and neighborhoods that are preparing for a post-petroleum future. They're doing this by growing local resilience, our ability to flex and adapt to great change. And it has been said that their approach at times looks more like a party than a protest march.

Climate change plus the end of cheap oil are converging to create a potent stew. Add economic contraction, and forecasts show that our future will be vastly different from what we have today. Yet if we plan ahead with creativity and imagination, the future with less oil could be even better than what we have now.

Through the Transition approach, we look at each aspect of our current lifestyles (food, water, transportation, energy, money, livelihoods, etc.) and begin to redesign it so that our local communities can become self-sufficient and resilient.

What might a resilient Los Angeles look like? As part of this salon, you'll be invited to share your vision.

Joanne Poyourow of Transition Los Angeles will explain the initial steps of the Transition approach, and update you on all the Transition-type activities blossoming throughout the greater Los Angeles basin.

Joanne Poyourow is the initiator of the Transition Los Angeles City Hub. Over the past year, Transition initiatives have formed in Culver City, Mar Vista, and South Bay, with groups under formation in Santa Monica, Inglewood and the San Fernando Valley. Joanne is the co-founder of the Environmental Change-Makers, a community group in the Westchester/LAX area that pioneered Transition ideas for many areas of Los Angeles. For five years, the Change-Makers have offered free public sessions that highlight environmental solutions, from bicycle transportation to local foods to alternative finances. Joanne designed the beautiful and prolific Community Garden in Westchester, which is a teaching garden as well as a supplier of fresh produce to the local food pantry. Joanne is a homeschooling mother of two, and helped found one of the LA basin's major homeschooling support organizations. She is the author of two books: Legacy, a novel which envisions a positive environmental future in Los Angeles, and Environmental Change-Making, a nonfiction how-to book on making that positive future come about. Joanne was a CPA in public practice for 13 years, and is quite proud of her intricate knitting projects.

Transition LA's Website:

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