Metabolic Studio Public Salon
Detective Don Hrycyk
Friday, August 21, 2009 @ Noon
Free Admission

Art Fraud in L.A.

About The Salon
Los Angeles is the second largest center for the visual arts in the U.S. This has attracted art thieves and conmen (and women) who have often targeted the cultural heritage of the city. LAPD's two-detective Art Theft Detail has investigated many of these crimes involving not only art but other types of cultural property including rare books, musical instruments, fossils, and Hollywood movie props. These crimes involve not only theft of art but also fakes, fraud and forgeries.

Detective Hrycyk will discuss some of these cases and profile the type of art criminals who prey on artists, art dealers and collectors. Preventive measures that art lovers can take to protect themselves will also be discussed. Additional information about the Art Theft Detail including crime alerts on stolen art can be found at

About the Salon Presenter
Don Hrycyk is the detective in charge of LAPD’s Art Theft Detail – the only full-time municipal art investigative unit in the United States. During the 15 years that he has been in this position, the unit has recovered over $77 million in cultural property. He has been a police officer for over 35 years. Prior to investigating art crimes, Hrycyk worked a variety of assignments including homicide, robbery, sex crimes, burglary, juvenile, assaults, forgery, gangs, and patrol.

He graduated from California State University where he majored in Criminology. He teaches Art Crimes Investigation to law enforcement officers and lectures on the art crime problem. Hrycyk is a recipient of the Smithsonian Institution’s Burke Award for Excellence in Cultural Property Protection.

Image courtesy Det. Don Hrycyk

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