Metabolic Studio Public Salon
Finishing School
Friday, July 31, 2009 @ Noon
Free Admission

M.O.L.D. / Bioindicator Workshop

About the Salon
Finishing School will discuss their most recent project M.O.L.D. (2009), a performative installation that investigates critical issues related to the science, politics, and culture of food through the lens of decomposition. The salon audience will also participate in a workshop where they will build their own amateur bioindicators to assess food quality and safety.

About the Salon Participants
Formed in late 2001, Finishing School is a collective identity that investigates diverse social, political, and environmental issues. Their projects combine praxis, play, and activism and engage viewers through various participatory models. They have exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally.

Finishing School was recently the inaugural participants in MOCA's Engagement Party, an ongoing "artists residency" program at MOCA in Los Angeles where they presented three projects: Finding Joy (2008), The Drug Run (2008), and Executive Order Karaoke (2008). Other current projects include Little Pharma (2008), which investigates alternative medicines and lifestyles as a viable antidote to some of the drug industry's pathologies. Little Pharma consists of a series of workshops, roundtable meetings, lectures, weblog, community medicinal garden, and drug themed bike ride.

Past projects include Public Interaction Objects (2006), a series of low-tech participatory objects including meet/greet, a semi-autonomous drone designed to move through public spaces and greet individuals with multilingual salutations representing the six official languages of the United Nations; The Patriot Library (2003), a working library that provides access to books, periodicals, and other media considered "dangerous" by the United States government; and Saturday School (2001), a temporary, nomadic teaching institution offering multidisciplinary classes that dissect, question, and illuminate various aspects of everyday life.

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