Checking in With SCF Trees @ The Huntington

Eduardo, Jamal, Steve and Roberto from Yo Watts pose with pomelos they picked in the Huntington Botanitcal Gardens fruit orchard after a full day of mulching the South Central Farm trees.

For more information about the trees, the Huntington, the Farm, and Farmlab, please see this page.

Farmlab photo by Meredith Hackleman 2009

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At 7:26 PM , Blogger lild said...

Give Thanx to see that although Horowitts tried to brake our spirits and lushes trees and other nutricious and medicinal plants, atleast the leagacy of some of those beautiful trees live on in the Huntington Garden and in our hearts and memories. Also thanx to YO Watts for helping maintain the lasting abundantly lushes fruit giver! N the SCF lives on!


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