Designer / Developer
For Web + Print
(Los Angeles)

The Metabolic Studio (Farmlab + Chora + AMI) is seeking a collaborator who's into: Information as art, technology as art, big conceptual ideas, and when the time comes, hitting deadlines.

Things we like include: Cabinets of wonder, antiquarian books, scientific journals, hypertext, mind-mapping (flow charts as well as brain scans), the work of Gordon Matta-Clark, Manuel Castells, Edward Tufte, the Center for Land Use Interpretation, seed vaults, bees, lightning, social sculpture, general experimentation, and people who know things that we don't.

Know someone who might be interested? Then please pass along our contact info to them, or ask them to contact us via:

info [at] farmlab [dot] org

Please include "Web/Print" in the subject field.

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