Not A Cornfield and Farmlab in 'Actions' Exhibition

Not A Cornfield and Farmlab are among the works featured in, "Actions: What You Can Do With The City," a survey exhibition curated by the Canadian Centre for Architecture, in Montreal, and on display at that institution through April 19, 2009.

Also included in the exhibition are many individuals and groups familiar to readers of this blog. A short list includes past Farmlab Public Salon participants such as Fallen Fruit, Los Angeles Urban Rangers, Parking Day, and Islands of L.A. Fellow Public Salon participant Fritz Haeg wrote for the 'Actions' catalog.

Here's the link to the interactive online component of the 'Actions' show.

Not A Cornfield (2005-2006), of course, was a work by Lauren Bon. Bon then created Farmlab (2006-).

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