Metabolic Studio Serves as Polling Place

The Metabolic Studio served on Tuesday, November 4, as an official Los Angeles County polling place.

Doors opened at 6am Tuesday for election officials, and closed at 9pm. Voters from local neighborhoods came during the hours of 7am and 8pm to cast their ballots. Voting took place in the warehouse unit located on Baker Street, just across from the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

The lead election official on-hand told Studio team members, unofficially, that voting was particularly busy. One area voter echoed that, saying she witnessed throughout the day a much larger crowd at the Studio than when voting was held in past years at other nearby locations.

(This was of course consistent with high levels of voting across L.A. County.)

Other voters yesterday offered a different observation upon arriving: relief that they made it to this location with the confusing "N. Spring Street" address -- visitors continue to question why the Studio's given post office address isn't on "Baker Street."

One frustrated phone caller spent fifteen minutes on the phone with a Studio staffer, getting directions, turn-by-turn, until her eventual -- and frustrated -- arrival. "I never should have moved away from the beach," the voter said.

This is the first time that The Studio has served as a polling place, but not the last. The City of Los Angeles has already requested the use of the location for the March, 2009 primary election, and the May, 2009 primary election.

The Chora exhibition, housed on the other side of the parking garage, was closed and locked from the evening of 10/31 through today, 11/5/08. A County site inspector stopped by Monday, 11/3 to make sure all was in order at the location.

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