Farmlab Public Salon + Workshop
Helen Lessick
Friday, July 20 @ Noon

Lay of the Land:
Special Salon Workshop

In "Lay of the Land," participats will learn to see California soil as a canvas for nature, culture and social experimentation.

Come and learn how soil affects land and community, landscape painting and property values by exploring what is on site. The workshop will begin with an introduction to conceptual art and public art map making. Participants will break into small teams to develop individual maps of the Farmlab area. At the end of the two-hour session, the group will reconvene to enjoy and contrast the diverse ways of looking at aspects of land.

All attendees will receive a free copy of Lessick's latest project, Soil Sample, an exhibition checklist to soils on public display in Los Angeles basin. Art experience is not necessary; an open mind is required. All materials will be provided. Participation is limited to 75.

About The Workshop Leader

Helen Lessick Helen Lessick is an experienced public and conceptual artist. She has completed artist in residency projects in New York, Oregon, Washington and Europe. Her solo exhibitions include the Bellevue Art Museum, Sierra Nevada Museum of Art and Tacoma Art Museum, and non-traditional sites including an agricultural school in France and grange on an island in the Columbia River. She has created public art print projects about Los Angeles soil, hidden treasures in Tacoma, Washington and Animal art sites in Portland. Helen earned her MFA from the University of California/Irvine and has been creating public and community art projects for twenty years. She currently resides in Los Angeles.



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