Farmlab Public Salon
Jane Usher, Mike Woo, and Diego Cardoso
Friday, July 13 @ Noon

Do Real Planning:
14 Ways to Make L.A. a More Sustainable City

About the Salon
"The Los Angeles City Planning Commission used to be important if you were a real estate developer seeking official approval for a project, or if you were a homeowners association trying to stop a developer's project. But previous City Planning Commissions tended to lack either the aptitude or the inclination to tackle many of the larger challenges facing L.A. in the future. Now Mayor Villaraigosa has appointed a City Planning Commission which is starting to shake up City Hall's usual way of doing business. Come hear Commision President Jane Ellison Usher and Commissioners Diego Cardoso and Mike Woo talk about the Commission's recently-announced set of 14 principles inspired by the admonition to 'Do Real Planning.'" - M. Woo

About the Speakers
Jane Ellison Usher is President of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission. Diego Cardoso and Mike Woo are members of the Commission; Woo is also a Farmlab consultant.

Farmlab Location
Farmlab / Under Spring, 1745 N. Spring Street #4, LA, CA 90012
Across the street from the site of the Not A Cornfield project, in a warehouse colocated at Baker Street and N. Spring Street

Salons are always free-of-charge, all ages welcome.
Refreshments will be served.



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