Paul Stamets Draws Large Crowd, Shares Mushroom Wisdom

Paul Stamets, famed mushroom expert, spent parts of two recent days at Farmlab and Under Spring. On Friday, April 13, Stamets presented a Farmlab Public Salon to an estimated crowd of 300 people. The next day, the mycologist returned to lead a more intimate, hands-on workshop about how to use mushrooms for soil remediation purposes.

WorldChanging's Vanessa Rutter participated in both activities, and filed this report.

Arthur magazine's Jay Babcock did the same, and took this photo.

In the photo up above, Stamets autographs copies of his books, including "Mycelium Running," after his Friday night presentation.

Here's a shot by Farmlab team member James Goodnight, of Stamets during the Saturday workshop.

And, here's another Goodnight photo -- this one inspired in part by Stamets and his work. What is it? Fungi, being grown at Farmlab.



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