Farmlab Salon
Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess, of Materials & Applications
Friday, January 26 @ Noon

M&A: The Garden of Forking Paths:
Growing an organization from the seed of an idea to an influential force to push new ideas forward in architecture and landscape design

Jenna and Oliver of Materials & Applications (M&A) will review some of the highlights of the past four years of installations at their outdoor project space in Los Angeles. A discussion of what gets selected to be constructed and the joys and troubles involved will illuminate on a micro scale the trends of the construction industry on the macro scale. They will also talk about community building and the value of removing individual authorship or control of projects to increase productivity and diversity of outcomes.

Jenna Didier is in pursuit of a new approach to the built environment. A lifelong interest in the creation and use of public space has led to continual opportunities to expand upon her experience in construction and fabrication. In 2002, Ms. Didier founded a non-profit outdoor exhibition space called Materials & Applications.

Jenna is the principal of
Fountainhead, a water feature design and engineering company. She completed a Permaculture Design course in 2005. She also collaborates artistically with Oliver Hess in a continuing effort they call infranatural.

Oliver Hess has years of experience as a visual effects and
installation artist. He works primarily with responsive environments and virtual reality systems. He uses the skills he has developed in his work to create art that has been displayed in galleries around the globe and to assist international artists with new media installations.

As Techncal Director of Materials & Applications(M&A), Oliver works to ensure all aspects of the installation process maintain a technical relevance. The implementation of technology is not for show, but to assist the fabrication/ installation process and sensitize the installed piece to visitors, enhancing their experience of the space around them. Oliver maintains several side projects including: and



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