Salon with Fritz Haeg -- This Friday at Noon

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2006 @ 12:00pm

Please join Farmlab for a Salon with Fritz Haeg, famous for his Edible Estates and other great projects.

Free-of-charge, all ages welcome. Location: Farmlab.

"Fritz Haeg is unleashing a one-man attack on the American lawn, which the Los Angeles-based artist dubs a "carpet of conformity." Over the next three years, under the aegis of Edible Estates, which has already begun in Salina, Kansas, Haeg will be ripping up the front lawns of nine single-family homes in regions across the country and replacing them with food-producing vegetable gardens. The families whose lawns he's transforming have agreed to maintain the gardens, so the work is a permanent living installation. What's wrong with the lawn? Not only does it take a tremendous amount of water to keep it green, but the two-stroke engine used by lawnmowers produces some of the worst carbon-dioxide emissions for a motor of its size, contributing to global warming and other air pollution. Then there are all the pesticides and herbicides used to keep front lawns green. "We're stuck with this idea that plants that produce food are ugly, and lawns that you have to pour chemicals on and mow are beautiful," says Haeg, who hopes his lawns can reverse that thinking."
-- From's The Big Idea list, October 21, 2005

Not A Cornfield / Under Spring / Farmlab
1745 N. Spring Street #4
Phone: 323.226.1158
Always Free to the Public, Handicapped Accessible
Free Parking

DIRECTIONS: From the intersection of North Spring and College (Gold Line - Chinatown stop) take North Spring north two blocks; take a left onto (unmarked) Baker Street; the warehouse is located directly across the street from the North Gate of the Los Angeles State Historic Park, site of the Not A Cornfield project. Related Map.



At 9:32 AM , Blogger schavester said...

Not very clear where the event was.
Historically the events have been in the park, and it was not clear to me that they are now across the street.

A sign at the park would have helped all the confused souls, and there where several others besides myself, wandering around Friday afternoon.

At 2:13 PM , Blogger not a cornfield / under spring / farmlab said...

Dear Schavester,

For whatever its worth, our sincere apologies for the confusion. We also received a similar email to our info at account, so we understand that you were hardly alone in being lost.

For future reference, Farmlab Salons -- and all Farmlab activities -- are held indoors, at the offices and workspace of Farmlab. That address is: 1745 N. Spring Street #4, LA, CA 90012.

We're located in a warehouse that is itself located directly across the street from the Los Angeles State Historic Park - where NAC salons used to be held while NAC was occuring. If you knew where the NAC main stage was, and/or where the NAC yurt was, then you're a few hundred meters from the warehouse space. Again, we're just across the street from there.

With apologies, and please call us if lost or for more directions,
The Farmlab Team


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