Public Salons 2007

December 2007
December 7, 2007 @ Noon
Farmlab Public Salon
Robert Gottlieb: Reinventing L.A.: Nature and Community in the Global City
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December 14, 2007
Chris Metzler & Jeff Springer: Where the Apocalypse and Utopia Meet to Dance the Dirty Tango
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November 2007
November 2, 2007
Peter H. Diamandis: The X-Prize
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November 9, 2007
Felicity Powell, Ansel Krut: Crystal Ship
In conjunction with the exhibition Crystal Ship: A Family of Artists Searching For Arcadia presenting works by Felicity Powell, Ansel Krut, Saskia and Hannah Krut-Powell
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November 16, 2007
Judith Lewis + Friends: Avant-Garde Environmentalism: From Bioneers to Burning Man to Bunnies that Glow Green
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November 30, 2007
Michael Dear, Michael Ned Holte, Ruben Mendoza, Janet Owen Driggs: Not A Cornfield: History / Site / Document
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October 2007
October 5, 2007
Cara Baldwin: Wasted
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October 12, 2007
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October 19, 2007
Lucas Reiner: Pollarding in the New World
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October 26, 2007
Angela Johnson Meszaros: The California Environmental Rights Alliance
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September 2007
September 7, 2007
Mike Blockstein & Reanne Estrada: Commitment Issues and Cross-Disciplinary Entanglements
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September 14, 2007
Adolfo V. Nodal, with an introduction by Laura Chick: L.A. City Arts: Notes on Cultural Planning...
September 28, 2007
Andrea Azuma and Elizabeth Medrano: Food Access in South and Central Los Angeles: Mapping Injustice, Agenda for Action
August 2007
August 3, 2007
Leonard Aube: Dolphin Tales: Portrait of a Troubled Sea
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August 10, 2007
Deborah Kaufman: Thirst
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August 17, 2007
Park(ing) Day-- Creating Ephemeral Parks
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August 24, 2007
Andy Lipkis: Helping Nature Heal Our Cities
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August 31, 2007
Kristina Haddad: Save Sheldon
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July 2007
July 6, 2007
Lauren Bon: Bees & Myth
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July 13, 2007
Jane Usher, Diego Cordoso, Mike Woo: Do Real Planning: 14 Ways to Make L.A. a More Sustainable City

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July 20, 2007
Helen Lessick: Soil
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July 27, 2007
Matthew Moore: From Agriculture to Suburbia: Cultivating the Oasis
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June 2007
June 1, 2007
Joe Linton: Down By The L.A. River, Or: How to Lose Thousands of Pounds of Concrete and Keep It Off!
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June 8, 2007
SIMPARCH with Steve Rowell: Hydromancy, Gloom and Doom, and Dirty Water Initiative
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June 15, 2007
Shannon Spanhake: Tangible Hacks of the Physical World
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June 29, 2007
Moisture - Claude Willey and Deena Capparelli: Native Plants and Dusty Paths: Experiments in the Inland Empire (2002-2007)
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May 2007
May 4, 2007
Brian Morgan: Carousel History
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May 11, 2007
Joyce Lapinsky and Taja Sevelle: Urban Farming: Include Food When Planting and Landscaping
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May 18, 2007
Farmlab Team: Garden of Brokenness
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May 25, 2007
Fallen Fruit: Take Back the Fruit!
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April 2007
April 6, 2007
Joel Tauber: Sick-Amour
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April 13, 2007
Katherine Steele: Urban Permaculture Design and Community: Cultivating Relational Intelligence and Practical Solutions for a Climate-Changing World
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April 13, 2007
Paul Stamets: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World
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April 20, 2007
Olivia Chumacero: Spirit Run: The challenge of being an indigenous woman protecting mother earth
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March 2007
March 27, 2007
Burt Sperber: Valley Crest Landscape
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March, 2007
March 2, 2007
Ehecatl Rojas: Los Angeles Youth Network

March 9, 2007
Monica Howe: Pysched on Bikes: Pedaling a Two-wheel Solution in the Capital of Cars
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March 16, 2007
Casey Coates Danson: Who's Got the Power?
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March 23, 2007
William Patzert: When the Pacific Speaks Los Angeles Better Listen Up
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March 30, 2007
George Herms: Garden of Brokenness
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February, 2007
February 2, 2007
Helen Samuels: Earth Restoration: Youth, Our Greatest Tool For Sustainability
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February 9, 2007
Diego Cardoso: Los Angeles County Metropolitian Transportation Authority
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February 16, 2007
Gerardo Vaquero Rosas, Farmlab Artist-In-Residence: Cornhenge in Winter
A Salon En Espanol (with English translations)
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February 20, 2007
The 2010 Imperative: Global Emergency Teach-In
Co-sponsored by M&A, AIA, and Farmlab
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February 23, 2007
Sophie Wolters: Microcredit 101
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January, 2007
January 12, 2007
Mark Allen: Transdimensional Art Galleries, Solar Robotics, and Other Strategies for Rethinking Community and Alternative Space

January 19, 2007
Joe Geever, Jeanette Vosburg, Paul Herzog: Agitation: The Social, Political, Geological, and Biological meaning of Water in L.A.

January 26, 2007
Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess: M&A: The Garden of Forking Paths



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